How to choose glass storage jar

1 see size

There are various sizes of storage tanks, large and small, and you should choose the appropriate size according to the actual use. Generally speaking, small storage jars are more suitable for dining room kitchens to store various materials, while medium and large storage jars are suitable for living rooms and storage rooms to store some large items.

2 Look at the tightness

Generally speaking, the storage of seasonings and ingredients has high requirements on tightness to avoid moisture deterioration; while the storage of some things does not require high tightness, such as candy biscuits with individual packaging. There are plastic lids, glass tinplate lids, and stainless steel lids.

3 Double check the quality of the storage tank

First of all, the body of the storage tank should be complete, and there should be no cracks or holes; there should be no peculiar smell in the jar; and then check whether the lid can be sealed tightly. For glass bottles, the dominance of liquid packaging from the beginning was replaced by plastic bottles, although the market share was suppressed. But in some areas, it has been in an irreplaceable position. For example, in the wine bottle market, glass bottles are the best choice, although the packaging industry tries to use plastic bottles instead. But in the end, it was found that neither the product itself nor the market could accept it. And with the improvement of living standards, glass bottles have begun to recover in some high-end packaging fields.

glass storage jar
glass storage jar

glass Storage jar tank tips

1. There are many materials for storage tanks, most of which are mainly made of glass and plastic. Therefore, in the process of storage, different materials should also be used to choose the best storage environment. The material of glass is relatively easy to break, so special care must be taken.

2. There are also requirements for the choice of food stored in the storage tank. Not all food can be put into the storage tank, and it cannot be guaranteed that all the things in the storage tank can be kept fresh at any time. Therefore, it should be noted that items kept in storage jars also have their own shelf life, and you must pay attention before the shelf life.

3. Some items of different types cannot be stored together, so it is not possible to blindly require that the items in the storage tank can guarantee their shelf life. It should deal with the quality and type of different foods, choose different matching storage and choose different types of storage devices with different materials.

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