What is the function of glass storage jar?

01 Features of storage tank

1. Rapid decompression: The high-efficiency manual air pump can quickly put the fresh-keeping items in a low-oxygen and low-pressure state, and bacteria and microorganisms are not easy to breed.

2. Rapid oxygen reduction: inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

3. High sealing: Through the action of vacuum negative pressure, it can achieve moisturizing, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-oxidation effects. It is very suitable for long-term preservation of valuables (such as electronic documents, film, medicinal materials, tonics, dried fruits, tea, etc.).

4. Low temperature storage: The vacuum decompression technology belongs to normal temperature or low temperature storage, which can keep the original flavor of the food, without loss of nutrition, damage or discoloration.

5. Sterilization and preservation: Nanomaterials treated by biotechnology are used to create a sterile environment, and the preservation effect is more significant.

6. Unique month and date scale indicating circle, record the storage date in detail. There is a vacuum indicator button on the top.

glass storage jar
mason jar

02 Storage tank function

1. It is suitable for keeping food fresh in homes, hotels, going out, etc. or the preservation of moisture-proof items. It is convenient to carry and environmentally friendly and practical.

2. It can store a variety of items such as medicinal materials, tonics, infant milk powder, supplements for pregnant women, moon cakes, dried food, candy, canned food, biscuits, rice, coffee, oil, tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables, other dry goods, etc. When many items are unpacked and not used up and do not know how to store them, the storage tank can effectively solve this problem, because it is a vacuum device, which can effectively isolate the connection between it and the air, thereby increasing the quality of the items. time.

3. It can also save food, soup, quick pickled food in 2 minutes, and express melted insoluble fish feed. These items are more difficult to store, and if they are placed directly in the refrigerator, the smell will spread to other foods and not easily dissipate, so using a storage jar is the best choice. It can not only preserve food well and prolong its shelf life, but also can effectively prevent the spread of taste.

Post time: Nov-04-2022